Electromechanical integration

Electromechanical integration

Fushan has built up a strong experience in full, turnkey electromechanical integration, specializing in medium to high-complexity electronic and electromechanical systems across a variety of industries including telecommunication, railways & transport, energy, etc.

Products we build feature:

Cabinets and enclosures

Printed board assemblies

(made in-house)

Purchased components and sub-systems

Complex cabling

Fushan has implemented strong process adherence practices, with multiple automated test and inspection steps throughout the integration process. In combination with the experienced and high-skilled personnel, this guaranties high quality standards for the integrated products.

Electromechanical systems & integration

Overview of electromechanical
integration process

Electromechanical integration process

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Fushan’s electromechanical
integration capabilities

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