Datacenters network cabinets


Network cabinets

Network cabinets

Fushan has developed a portfolio of network rack cabinet systems that offer the best solution for IT and Telecom applications in dense and complex cabling environments.

A wide range of cable management accessories is available to ensure perfect management of copper & fiber cables and 19” equipment. Vertical 19” mounting rails can be adjusted freely through the depth, which simplifies mounting of any device and configuration of connecting cables.

The network cabinets can be equipped with various type of doors, single or double, flat or curved, …

Datacenters cabinets

For more details and technical specifications, you can download the datasheet:

The network cabinets can be delivered fully assembled or as a flat-pack unassembled package. Flat-pack option enables savings up to 60% in the transport cost and warehouse space. Assembling the cabinet can be done very easily. Watch our video!

Fushan can also develop and produce customized solutions, fully optimized for your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.