Smart City - Interactive kiosk, and smart information displays

Smart City

Fushan has developed a set of products to address the “Smart City” market segment such as Interactive kiosk, Intelligent Package Cabinet and Smart Information Displays. These products combine end-user interaction technologies, centralized information management and networking and telecommunication equipment with the high-precision manufacturing and integration capabilities of Fushan, which results in robust products with an appealing design.

Interactive Kiosk

Provides an advanced and pleasing way to interact with customers or visitors and provide them with a wide range and most up-to-date information.

Download Interactive Kiosks datasheet

Intelligent Package Cabinet

Is built around an interactive kiosk and provides a modular state-of-the-art intelligent locker system for secure and easy package receipt, storage and delivery.

Smart Information Displays

Can be used at bus stops or railway stations. They can be part of an integrated traffic information system, controlled via GPS and 4G Wireless communication, and provide the passengers with real-time updated time tables.

Interactive Kiosk
Intelligent package cabinet
Smart Information Displays

Fushan has developed a portfolio of standard products, that have a modular design and can be delivered in various configurations and with several options, to best address your requirements.

Fushan can also develop and produce customized solutions, fully optimized for your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.