Smart Kiosk - Interactive kiosk, and smart information displays

Smart Kiosk

Fushan is offering a broad portfolio of Smart Kiosk solutions for various digital signage applications: tourist information and interactive maps, shopping info and product catalog, access control and registration, public transport information, remote monitoring and supervision, publicity, …

Fushan offers a broad portfolio of interactive kiosks, based on a modular platform that can be equipped with various options, depending on the customer requirements and applications. The interactive kiosk has a robust and appealing design and can be offered for indoor and outdoor applications.

Indoor Kiosk

The indoor kiosk is standard equipped with 32” LCD display, but other display dimensions up to 84” can be offered.

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Download Interactive Kiosk Indoor Specification

Outdoor Kiosk

The outdoor kiosk is IP55 certified and has standard forced air cooling system. It can be offered with LCD display dimensions from 32”up to 84”.

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Download Interactive Kiosk Outdoor Specification

Smart interactive kiosk outdoor

Fushan has developed a portfolio of standard products, that have a modular design and can be delivered in various configurations and with several options, to best address your requirements.
We offer kiosks with various display sizes, ranging from 32” up to 84”. For full product catalog:   Interactive Kiosk Catalog

Smart kiosk display sizes
Fushan can also develop and produce customized solutions, fully optimized for your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.
Smart kiosk display sizes